Tuesday, April 24, 2012

How to download videos from Putlocker

How to download videos from Putlocker:

1. Open the putlocker link

2. Wait for 3 Seconds

3. Click on "Continue as a free user"

4. The video page shows up, which would look something like this:

5. Right Click anywhere except the video player and select "View Page Source"

6. When the source opens up and you see all that jargon, press Ctrl + F and find the phrase "get_file" (without the quotation marks of course)

7. Select /get_file and whatever comes after it

8. Now go to a new tab, and type putlocker.com and paste the whole thing that you just copied.

So it should look a bit like this:


9. Press Enter:

And this page should show up:

10. Just select the URL which comes after "media:content url" and paste it in a new tab and press enter.

Which would look like this:


Your video will be downloaded



  1. I've been carrying out the above steps before and it worked. But recently, for the past few weeks, when I put the "/get_file......" in front of the site name and press enter, it asks me if i want to subscribe to that feed. This wasn't happening before. Can anybody help me out?

  2. Add this to chrome and use it as your RSS reader (XV — XML Viewer): https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/xv-%E2%80%94-xml-viewer/eeocglpgjdpaefaedpblffpeebgmgddk
    It will work just the way it is outlined above, and you are able to read the download URL as expected.

  3. how can i download if it says that You have exceeded the daily download limit for your country. You can wait until tomorrow, or get a premium account right now, and access the site without any limits. plz reply as soon as possible

  4. If anyone is having trouble following this method, this site makes it way easier to download videos from putlocker or sockshare: http://www.putunlocker.com

  5. if anyone has trouble with this try going to www.putunlocker.com it worked great for me!!

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  7. Thank you so much! This helped me so much! But I would like to know how YOU figured out to do this. Can you please reply? Thank you

  8. Or you can just use mipony to download from putlocker